EHOB, Inc. is the manufacturer of the WAFFLE®, TruVue™, Position Perfect® and other products to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. EHOB provides facilities, the most clinically-based, cost-effective positioning and support surface solutions available.
TurnWedge TurnWedge
Developed in 2001 by CarePlus Medical, the TurnWedge has become known as the standard in positioning-based, pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. Our ONE and ONLY FOCUS is to deliver best-in-class pressure ulcer prevention solutions.
RTD®  - FDA approved wound dressing
RTD® is a patented wound dressing that is effective in all stages of healing. RTD® ...
The Bariatric No-Slip Wedge from Intensive Therapeutics, Inc.
The Bariatric No-Slip Wedge enhances the ITI Positioner Line by adding a highly reliable turning ...
Skil-Care Corporation 30 Degree Bed Positioning System
This unique bed positioning and transfer system off-loads the coccyx and sacral areas for residents ...
Ostomy Supplies is an online retailer of ostomy supplies offering affordable solutions for those with insufficient ...
Description •100% premium woven cotton •Sterility assured by peel-back pouch and tray •Gauze sponges in ...
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