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TurnWedge TurnWedge
Developed in 2001 by CarePlus Medical, the TurnWedge has become known as the standard in positioning-based, pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. Our ONE and ONLY FOCUS is to deliver best-in-class pressure ulcer prevention solutions.
WoundWizard WoundWizard
Our Specialty: Wound Care Software. If you are a facility or business managing wounds and looking for an EMR with great documentation outcome reporting and an easy to use interface, then WoundWizard is your total wound care solutions management program.
Description •100% premium woven cotton •Sterility assured by peel-back pouch and tray •Gauze sponges in ...
RTD®  - FDA approved wound dressing
RTD® is a patented wound dressing that is effective in all stages of healing. RTD® ...
The TurnWedge, Ultimate Body Positioner, is the only positioner on the market that is specifically ...
NeutroPhase - The Next Generation of Wound Care
Neutrophase is pure hypochlorous acid (HOCl) in saline with a pH range of 3.5-6.5 that ...
Detachol® Adhesive Remover
Use Detachol® for safe and painless removal of adhesives! Now available in 5 different configurations ...
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