Our Secret Solution - Shhh!  Don’t tell anyone. Our Secret Solution - Shhh! Don’t tell anyone.
Do you walk around with your pouch dangling outside of your clothes? Worried that your pouch will get heavy and fall off? Finding that nothing fits correctly after your surgery? Let us introduce you to our SECRET SOLUTION. 50% off = $12.99 each
EHOB, Inc. is the manufacturer of the WAFFLE®, TruVue™, Position Perfect® and other products to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. EHOB provides facilities, the most clinically-based, cost-effective positioning and support surface solutions available.
Backbone™ Turning Wedge
Jewell Nursing Solutions is Turning Theory to Practice. Founded by a group of dedicated nurses, ...
Skil-Care Corporation 30 Degree Bed Positioning System
This unique bed positioning and transfer system off-loads the coccyx and sacral areas for residents ...
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