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TurnWedge TurnWedge
Developed in 2001 by CarePlus Medical, the TurnWedge has become known as the standard in positioning-based, pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. Our ONE and ONLY FOCUS is to deliver best-in-class pressure ulcer prevention solutions.
Sage Products Inc. Sage Products Inc.
Sage Products is much more than just a healthcare manufacturing company. We are true innovators and have been that way from the very beginning. We don't just take existing concepts and make them our own.
ReliaFit™ Male Urinary Device
ReliaFit™ Male Urinary Device is a next-generation external catheter that minimizes the risk of urinary ...
WoundStick® Tunneler (WST15)
Description: Includes 20 individually packaged Tunneler, DermaSquare© & DermaLevel©. These 3 product packages are single ...
GEN 2 Titanium MAX ARMOR
Titanium Max Armor is designed to give you the Maximum range of motion and protection. ...
The TurnWedge, Ultimate Body Positioner, is the only positioner on the market that is specifically ...
NeutroPhase - The Next Generation of Wound Care
Neutrophase is pure 0.01% hypochlorous acid (HOCl) in saline with a pH range of 3.5-6.5 ...
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    Excellent product. Solves several pro...
    "I have been using these covers for almost a year. Perfect for my ur..." Read More
    2 days ago
    Poiesis Medical
    Great product
    "We have used this product primarily on our suprapubic catheter pati..." Read More
    2 days ago
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