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TurnWedge TurnWedge
Developed in 2001 by CarePlus Medical, the TurnWedge has become known as the standard in positioning-based, pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. Our ONE and ONLY FOCUS is to deliver best-in-class pressure ulcer prevention solutions.
Sage Products, Inc. Sage Products, Inc.
Sage Products is much more than just a healthcare manufacturing company. We are true innovators and have been that way from the very beginning. We don't just take existing concepts and make them our own.
NeutroPhase - The Next Generation of Wound Care
Neutrophase is pure hypochlorous acid (HOCl) in saline with a pH range of 3.5-6.5 that ...
The TurnWedge, Ultimate Body Positioner, is the only positioner on the market that is specifically ...
ReliaFit™ Male Urinary Device
ReliaFit™ Male Urinary Device is a next-generation external catheter that minimizes the risk of urinary ...
OPTIONS™ Underwear with built-in Ostomy Barrier/Support
OPTIONS™ Ostomy fashionable underwear with built-in Barrier/Support provides ‘Renewed 24-Hour, Security, Freedom and Confidence' designed ...
HeelZup Heel Suspension Cushion By Intensive Therapeutics, Inc.
The HeelZup Heel Suspension Cushion By Intensive Therapeutics, Inc. Comfortable, cost effective and easy to ...
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